EMF Health-effects Research

Microwave-evoked brainstem potentials in cats

Lin JC, Meltzer RJ, Redding FK

J Microwave Power. 1979 Sep;14(3):291-6 1979

Rectangular pulse-modulated microwave radiation has been shown to produce auditory responses in mammals. It is therefore reasonable to explore the possibility of using microwave pulses to achieve an estimate of sensori-neural involvement in the objective evaluation of human hearing and to assess the presence of tumors or brainstem lesions in patients with neurological disorders.

In this paper we shall show that microwave-evoked auditory response of cats closely resembles that evoked by acoustic pulse. We shall also give preliminary results obtained from electrodes fastened to the vertex of the skull after successive coagulative production of lesions in the inferior colliculus, lateral lemniscus, and superior olivary nucleus.

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