EMF Health-effects Research

Cytogenetic effects of 50 Hz magnetic fields of different magnetic flux densities.

Maes A, Collier M, Vandoninck S, Scarpa P, Verschaeve L,

Bioelectromagnetics 21(8):589-596, 2000

Cytogenetic investigations were performed in human peripheral blood lymphocytes following exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields alone or in combination with the chemical mutagen mitomycin C or with X-rays. It was found that magnetic fields up to 2500 uT did not significantly influence the chromosome aberration and sister chromatid exchange frequency.

Also, the combined treatments failed to indicate the presence of any synergistic, potentiating, or antagonistic effect between the ELF magnetic fields and the mutagens.

However, there were two exceptions: Cells exposed to 504 uT magnetic fields before and during cultivation displayed a statistically significant decrease in sister chromatid exchange frequency. Also, when cells were cultivated in the presence of 88.4 uT magnetic fields following X-ray exposures there was a significant increase in chromosome aberration frequency compared to X-ray exposure alone.

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