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DNA damage in rat brain cells following In Vivo exposure to 2450 MHz EMR and methods of euthanesia

Malyapa RS, Ahern EW, Starube WL, Moros EG, Pickard WR, Roti-Roti JL

Radiation Research 149: 637-646 1998


Contractors: Oncology Center, Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, Missouri.

This study was a further follow-up investigation of possible RF-induced DNA (strand breaks) as reported by Drs Lai and Singh at the University of Washington in 1995. It simulated the 2450 MHz continuous wave (CW) exposures used by Drs Lai and Singh and found no evidence of RF-induced DNA damage in the exposed vs. unexposed animals. This finding was consistent with the results of earlier in vitro studies conducted and researched by the same research team.

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Note: This study did not use the same comet assay tests techniques as Lai-Singh, and their claim as to the sensitivity of their Olive test is ridiculous. See comments on this work. S.F.

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