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In vitro cytogenetic effects of 2450 MHz waves on human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Maes A, Verschaeve L, Arroyo A, De Wagter C, Vercruyssen L,

Bioelectromagnetics 14(6):495-501, 1993

Cytogenetic analyses were performed on human peripheral blood lymphocytes exposed to 2450 MHz microwaves during 30 and 120 min at a constant temperature of 36.1 degrees C (body temperature).

The temperature was kept constant by means of a temperature probe put in the blood sample which gives feedback to a microcomputer that controls the microwave supply.

We found a marked increase in the frequency of chromosome aberrations (including dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments) and micronuclei. On the other hand the microwave exposure did not influence the cell kinetics nor the sister chromatid exchange (SCE) frequency.

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