EMF Health-effects Research

Microscopic observation of living cells during their exposure to modulated electromagnetic fields,

Moisescu MG, Leveque P, Bertrand JR, Kovacs E, Mir LM,

Bioelectrochemistry 74(1):9-15, 2008

Studying cell behaviour under irradiation with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) is often impeded by the difficulty to monitor cell characteristics during irradiation.

Here we report the design and the application of a complete device for continuous microscopic observation of cells exposed to modulated EMF similar to mobile phones signals. The system allows the follow up of cell progression into mitosis under controlled temperature and CO(2) environment.

Protocols are proposed in which the same cells are the controls before and after the EMF exposure and we demonstrate the interest of the "before exposure" controls.

The exposure system was validated by cell endocytosis measurements. While the endocytosis rate was increased, no alteration of mitosis progression and mitosis duration was observed in cells exposed to 900 MHz modulated EMF for 1 h, at 30 degrees C and at a Specific Absorption Rate of 2.2 W/kg.

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