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Effects of 1.6 GHz microwaves (CW and pulsed wave) on c-fos, EGFR and NSCL-1 gene expression in the mouse brain.

Morrissey JJ, Raney S, Heasley E, Rathinavelu P, Dauphinee M, Fallon JH,

Proceedings of the 1997 World Congress on Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine 1997


Contractors: Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research, Plantation, Florida; and Dept of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Uni of Calif at Irvine, California.

The study explored the possible effect on gene expression in mice exposed for one-hour to 1.6 GHz RF (continuous wave or the pulsed Iridium signal). The animals were separated into five exposure groups and three unexposed control groups.

Significant elevations of c-fos expression, but not EGFR or NSCL-1 were found in animals exposed at the two highest power levels. These effects were interpreted by the investigators as most consistent with a thermal, or heat-related response, and not the result of a direct interaction between RF energy and brain tissue.

No gene expression was found at the three lower exposure levels

Additional Web Notes

This appears to be almost identical with a previously reported study.See. I guess they want to make some point, but c-fos expression is usually taken as a danger sign at any level. The term c-fos expression is a scientific way of saying "a cancer-causing gene was activated."

Note that two of the higher levels found this problem, while those lower did not. Research by the Roti Roti group for Motorola have also turned up c-fos gene expression. S.F.

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