EMF Health-effects Research

Symptoms experienced in connection with mobile phone use.

Oftedal G, Wilen J, Sandstrom M, Mild KH,

Occup Med (Lond) 50(4):237-245, 2000

Many people in Norway and Sweden reported headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms experienced in connection with the use of a mobile phone (MP). Therefore, we initiated a cross-sectional epidemiological study among 17,000 people, all using an MP in their job. Thirty-one percent of the respondents in Norway and 13% of those in Sweden had experienced at least one symptom in connection with MP use.

Next to the sensations of warmth on the ear and behind/around the ear, burning sensations in the facial skin and headaches were most commonly reported. Most symptoms usually began during or within half an hour after the call and lasted for up to 2 h. Relatively few had consulted a physician or been on sick leave because of the symptoms, but about 45% among those with an MP attributed symptom had taken steps to reduce the symptom.

These results suggest an awareness of the symptoms, but not necessarily a serious health problem.

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