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Sequential changes in cerebral blood flow, early neuropathological consequences and BBB disruption, following RF-induced localized hyperthermia in the rat.

Ohmoto Y, Fujisawa H, Ishikawa T, Koizumi H, Matsuda T, Ito H,

Int J Hyperthermia 12(3):321-334, 1996

We investigated the temperature distribution, early histological changes, blood brain barrier (BBB) disruption and sequential changes in cerebral blood flow (CBF) following hyperthermia ranging from 37 to 45 degrees C in a new rat model of radiofrequency-induced localized cerebral hyperthermia. Significant histological changes and BBB disruption were observed in brain regions heated to 43 degrees C and above.

In the cortex heated to 41 degrees C, the CBF doubled 20 min after hyperthermia induction, and then returned gradually to the pre-hyperthermic level. In the cortex heated to 43 degrees C, the CBF increased to 134% of the baseline level 10 min after hyperthermia induction, and then fell gradually to reach its minimum level (31% of the baseline level). In the cortex heated to 45 degrees C, the CBF decreased immediately after hyperthermia induction to reach 10% of the baseline level.

The results indicate that hyperthermia-induced cellular injury in the central nervous system is associated with cerebral ischaemia and the threshold temperature for such injury is 43 degrees C. This model is useful for investigating the effects of hyperthermia on various cerebral functions and the CBF changes demonstrated in the present study may provide key information for the analysis of other cerebral functions.

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