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In vitro microwave effects on human neutrophil precursor cells (CFU-C)

Ottenbreit MJ, Lin JC, Inoue S, Peterson WD Jr

Bioelectromagnetics. ;2(3):203-15. 1981

Human marrow cells were irradiated with 2450-MHz CW microwaves in a fluid-filled waveguide irradiation system. Cell exposure was conducted by placing a marrow cell suspension in 20-microliter glass microcapillary tubes were positioned in the exposure chamber, and irradiated at power densities from 31 to 1,000 mW/cm2 (with corresponding specific absorption rates of 62 to 2,000 mW/g) for 15 minutes.

The temperature of the sample was maintained at a fixed point. Sham-irradiated (SI) and microwave-irradiated (MWI) cells were cultured in a methylcellulose culture system for neutrophil colony proliferation.

There was no reduction in neutrophil colony number on days 6-7 or 12-14 in cells exposed at 31 or 62 mW/cm2, but as the power density was increased to 1,000 mW/cm2, there was a reduction in colony number of MWI cells compared with SI cells.

The microwave interaction with the human neutrophil colony-forming cells was apparently not related to temperature rise, or to the state of cells cycle, and was irreversible.

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