EMF Health-effects Research

Changes in serum alkaline phosphatase activity during in vitro exposure to AM EMF of ultrahigh frequency (2375 MHz) in guinea pigs

Pashovkina MS, Akoev IG

Biofizika 45(1):130-136, 2000

[Article in Russian]

The activity of alkaline phosphatase by the action of pulse-modulated microwave radiation was studied. The carrier frequency of radiation was 2375 MHz, the range of modulation pulse rate was 10-390 Hz with the on-off time ratio 2, and the specific absorption rate was 8 and 0.8 microW/cm2. Time of exposure was 1 and 3 min under conditions of continuous temperature control.

It was shown that the activity of alkaline phosphatase depends on both modulation frequency and intensity of superhigh-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

At a frequency of 70 Hz, the activity of alkaline phosphatases increased 1.8-2.0 times.

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