EMF Health-effects Research

The influence of electromagnetic fields on human brain activity.

Reiser H, Dimpfel W, Schober F

Eur J Med Res 1(1):27-32, 1995

Possible effects of electromagnetic fields on human brain activity were studied. In a single-blind, cross-over-designed and placebo-controlled study 36 volunteers were exposed firstly to an electromagnetic field originating from a MediLine "MEGA-WAVE 150/1" therapy instrument and secondly to a field originating from a mobile, digital telephone as used for wireless telecommunication. All volunteers also underwent a control experiment with no field exposure.

Application of the MEGA-WAVE instrument caused an increase in EEG power in the frequency bands Alpha2, Beta1 and Beta2 during and after field exposure. Operation of the mobile telephone caused an increase in the same frequency bands with a delay of approximately 15 minutes after exposure.

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