EMF Health-effects Research

Further (Final?) studies to find DNA damage due to exposure to RF and microwave radiation.

Roti-Roti J, LaGroye I, Li L, Zhang P, Sisht K, Straube WL, Moros EG, Pickard WF

Presented at Michaelson Conference in Cloucroft, New Mexico 1999


Contractors: Radiation Oncology Center, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri.

This study, a further investigation of the research by Drs Lai and Singh on possible RF-induced DNA damage, utilized higher SARs than the Washington University Laboratory used in previous in vitro work. C3H10T1/2 cells or Molt cells were exposed to 835.62 MHz FMCW or 847.74 CDMA signals at 3-5 W/kg, as compared to the 0.6 W/kg used in previous work.

The researchers reported no detectable RF-induced damage in either cell line from either signal.

Additional Web Notes

Note: the exasperated (Final?) in the title was accidentally left in by the Motorola PR department.

This is a highly controversial piece of research, one of a number done by this team for the purpose of discrediting the research of Lai and Singh. However the key lab assistant, Malyapa, has been replaced by Isabel LaGroye from Belgium. See comments on this work and on Motorola's "war gaming" of Lai-Singh.

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