EMF Health-effects Research

DNA and protein exposed to modulated RF fields.

Ruger W, Hansen I

Presented at Second World Congress in Bologna, Italy 1997; published in Edition Wissenschaft Nr.8 1996

Motorola-funded FGF project

Contractors: Ruhr University, Bochum and Universitat-GHS-Wuppertal.

This study explored the possible effects of pulsed RF fields used by cellular telephones (GSM standard) on simple organisms (viruses and bacteria). The researchers found no damage to the genetic substances of exposed bacteria and viruses.

Additional Web Notes

Nothing here tells you how they checked that there was no damage to the genes, or how long the exposure times were, etc. It is not an abstract, but simply a heading.

This is research funded through the German organisation called FGF (Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk) which is itself funded by both the cellular telephone industry and the radio and television broadcasters.

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