EMF Health-effects Research

Microwave irradiation influences on the state of human cell nuclei

Shckorbatov YG, Grigoryeva NN, Shakhbazov VG, Grabina VA, Bogoslavsky AM,

Bioelectromagnetics 19(7):414-419, 1998

Changes of electrokinetic properties of cell nuclei and the quantity of granules of heterochromatin located near the nuclear envelope in nuclei of human buccal epithelium cells were studied under the influence of electromagnetic fields in vitro.

Irradiation of cells was realized by means of a semiconductor generator of millimeter radiation (wavelength 7.1 mm, frequency 42.2 GHz), the Yav-1 apparatus for extremely high frequency therapy. It was shown that irradiation of cells induced a decrease in electric charge of native human buccal epithelium cell nuclei and an increase in chromatin condensation in nuclei.

The observed effects depend on irradiation dose and individual peculiarities of donors.

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