EMF Health-effects Research

The analysis of animal bioelectric brain activity influenced by microwaves or by the introduction of strychnine.

Sidorenko AV,

Bioelectrochem Bioenerg 48(1):223-226, 1999

The widespread impact made by technology has raised concerns about the safety of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

The brain is especially sensitive to the influence of microwaves. The most effective method for estimation of the organism's functional states is an analysis of electroencephalograms.

The statistical and spectral methods are usually used for analysis of animal electrocorticograms. The information obtained in such way is the integrated character and it is sometimes insufficient for identification of the brain state charging caused by various factors, especially microwaves altering the ecological situation.

The nonlinear dynamics method is used in our work concurrent with the spectral correlation method for animal electrocorticogram processing. The correlation dimensionality represents a numerical criterion allowing for comparative investigation of various dynamic states of the system.

In the process of investigation, it has been found that the nonlinear dynamics method may be used to analyze the electrocorticograms of experimental animal in different functional states being confirmed by increasing parameter of the correlation dimensionality in electrocorticograms of animal irradiated by microwaves or subjected to the introduction of strychnine.

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