EMF Health-effects Research

Assessment of the temporal trend of the exposure of people to electromagnetic fields produced by base stations for mobile telephones

Silvi A M, Zari A, Licitra G.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry 97(4):387-390, 2001

Monitoring of electric field levels produced by base stations (BSs) for mobile telephones of different typologies (TACS. GSM, DCS) has been carried out.

Results show that BSs can be classified as 'business' or 'residential'. The mean value of six minutes averaged E-field value measured between 10 am and 1 p. corresponds to the 84% of the maximum daily six minutes averaged value.

Comparison between electromagnetic field levels produced by BSs and their phone traffic data, supplied by companies, is shown. Finally, on an hourly average basis, a daily curve has been constructed of the exposure trend produced by such installations.

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