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Effects of modulated microwave and X-ray irradiation on the activity and distribution of Ca++-ATPase in small intestine epithelial cells

Somosy Z, Thuroczy G, Koteles GJ, Kovacs J,

Scanning Microsc 8(3):613-619; discussion 619-620, 1994

The distribution and activity of Ca++-ATPase were investigated by histochemical methods in small intestine epithelial cells of mice following total body 2450 MHz low frequency (16 Hz) microwave and X-ray irradiation. In the control animals, enzyme activities were found in the brush border and on lateral membranes, including junctional areas of the cells.

The enzyme activity of lateral membranes was inhibited by quercetin, a specific inhibitor of Ca++-ATPase. Immediately after square modulated (16 Hz) 2450 MHz microwave irradiation at 1 mW/cm2 power densities, we observed a decreased activity of Ca++-ATPase on the lateral membrane regions.

The X-ray irradiation (1 Gy) induced a similar decrease of Ca++-ATPase activity which was reversible within 24 hours. "5 Gy" doses resulted in a decrease of enzyme activities on both apical and lateral membrane areas persisting up to 24 hours following irradiation

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