EMF Health-effects Research

Skin temperature increase caused by a mobile phone: A methodological infrared camera study.

Straume A, Oftedal G, Johnsson A.

Bioelectromagnetics. Jun 1; 2005

[Epub ahead of print]

Mobile phone users often complain about burning sensations or a heating of the ear region. The increase in temperature may be due to thermal insulation by the phone, heating of the mobile phone resulting from its electrical power dissipation, and radio frequency (RF) exposure.

The main objective of this study was to use infrared (IR) camera techniques to find how much each of these factors contributes to the increase in skin temperature resulting from the use of one GSM 900 phone.

One subject, a healthy male took part in the study. He was holding the phone in a normal position when the phone was switched off, when it was switched on but with the antenna replaced by a 50 Omega load to eliminate the RF exposure, and when it was transmitting RF fields. The output power could be fixed, and the minimal and the maximal power levels of the phone were used. The study was designed as a double blind experiment.

The changes in temperature after 15 and 30 min of mobile phone use were calculated on the exposed side of the head relative to the unexposed side. The insulation and the electrical power dissipation lead to statistically significant rises in the skin temperature, while the RF exposure did not.

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