EMF Health-effects Research

The effect of pulsed EMF on the EEG of humans.

von Klitzing L

CETECOM Edition Wissenschaft Nr.9 1996

Motorola-funded FGF project

This is a review of earlier work by Lebrecht von Klitzing, who reported observing EEG effects on 21 occasions over the course of 26 experiments. it concluded that the original expiments were not well documented, could not be reproduced by other scientists, and could not be described as scientific findings with any biological significance.

Additional Web Notes

Note that this is included in Motorola's list of abstracts, supposedly of scientific research. But there is nothing new or scientific here, other than annonymous commentary from an article which is critical of the work of another researcher. What the truth may be is anyone's guess.

About half the researchers who use EEG to detect brain effects from EMF, report some changes, and half don't. I don't see any evidence that one group are any more honest, or more scientific than the other.

This is article is listed as having been funded through the German organisation FGF (Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk) which represents both the cellular telephone industry and the radio and television broadcasters.

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